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Taxpayers footing the bill for Council Member’s trip to DC to learn how the Tax Reform Act is “negatively” impacting infrastructure

Taxpayers footing the bill for Council Member’s trip to DC to learn how the Tax Reform Act is “negatively” impacting infrastructure

Why are taxpayers footing the bill for a trip to DC to learn how the Tax Reform Act is “negatively” impacting infrastructure? Seems like the economy is responding very favorably which means greater tax revenue for building infrastructure.

Rebecca Viagron is in D.C. this week with the Live Oak mayor representing San Antonio & District 3 SA at at the National League of Cities Conference in Washington, DC “talking infrastructure.”

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City Council appoints more-of-the-same SAWS Board Members

City Council appoints more-of-the-same SAWS Board Members

On Thursday, March 8, the San Antonio City Council appointed/reappointed some new San Antonio Water System (SAWS) board members who have all the earmarks of past board members, highlighting the problems of nepotism in the political establishment.

Amy Hardberger, the daughter of former mayor Phil Hardberger and an attorney versed in water law, was one of the appointees. In a City of over a million people, aren’t there other potentially qualified Board Members who aren’t part of the local political establishment? Former Mayor Hardberger’s client lost the largest City contract of over $100M (10 yr contract) for the River Barges. Is this political payback from Ron for Ron Nirenberg’s political ally?

The council re-appointed David McGee, a member of this same board that has approved an earlier rate hike(s). He also (surprise!) supported Vista Ridge and has headed the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. McGee also is president of Amegee Bank.
The Council also appointed Eduardo Parra, an engineer who specializes in water projects.
San Antonio Fire Union Rejects Latest Negotiation Request

San Antonio Fire Union Rejects Latest Negotiation Request

San Antonio officials made another attempt to negotiate a contract regarding health care and wages with the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association Tuesday, but the union declined to appear. The union’s contract ran out in 2014, and its stalemate with the city has lasted for more than 1,200 days.

The union said it will not negotiate as long as a city-filed lawsuit remains in play.

“The city manager’s poor decision to choose frivolous litigation over mutual negotiation has not only cost the citizens of San Antonio more than a million dollars in outside attorney’s fees and been rejected by every court that has heard the matter to date, it has also prevented the parties from reaching a new contract,” said union attorney Ricky Pool in the letter.

The firefighters union went on the offensive last month when it launched a campaign to amend the city charter.


The union says the San Antonio First Campaign is all about increasing transparency at City Hall —  and they say it comes down to three different issues: decreasing the city manager’s salary, preventing the city from suing them, and  making it easier to get petitions like these expedited.

This last issue is similar to one that the San Antonio Family Association has also suggested as an amendment to the city charter. The Charter Amendment petitioning for a lowering the signature requirement to 20k on a petition to overturn an egregious CoSA Council decision like the NDO2013 or NonMarried Lifestyle Benefits (2011), etc and increasing the time to gather signatures is much more reasonable than a referendum requirement 10% of registered voters in 40 Days. 10% of registered voters in 2013 equaled about 66,000 signatures and in 2017 and now would be 105,000 registered voters. This makes a Citizen response not only improbable but also improbable. This is a good Charter Amendment change as we have recommended a similar one to the CRC of 20% of actual voters or 20,000.  In 2013 that would have amounted to 5600 (or 20,000) and in 2017 or now would be about 12,000 (or the 20,000).

Chris Steele, president of San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association, says this is, in part, a reaction to the city’s recent approval of City Manager Sheryl Sculley’s $550,000 salary and the December water rate hike.
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SIGN THE PETITION: Demand Twitter to stop the censorship of pro-life speech, and allow pro-life groups to freely advertise

SIGN THE PETITION: Demand Twitter to stop the censorship of pro-life speech, and allow pro-life groups to freely advertise

SIGN THE PETITION AND RETWEET: Demand @Twitter to stop the censorship of pro-life speech, and allow @LiveAction and other pro-life groups to freely advertise.

Petition to Twitter

Twitter’s stated mission is to “give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information, instantly, without barriers,” while also claiming that “fighting against censorship and for free expression is ingrained in the company’s DNA.”

Yet, Twitter is suppressing life-affirming speech and advertising, calling such ads “offensive” and “inflammatory.”

While Twitter has reversed its decision to ban U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn’s pro-life advertising, it has yet to lift its ban on similar advertising by national pro-life organization Live Action.


Movie Review: ‘Tomb Raider’

Movie Review: ‘Tomb Raider’

“In some ways the action is a little more realistic than in many action movies. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow can mop the floor with almost any number of armed and trained adversaries without breaking a sweat, but when Lara squares off against male antagonists she’s generally the underdog. Here Vikander’s ability to convey desperation is an asset, and there’s a quiet but striking emotional moment when, for the first time, she’s forced to take a life in self-defense.”

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In speech at alma mater, Nirenberg credits school for his political metamorphosis

In speech at alma mater, Nirenberg credits school for his political metamorphosis

Mayor Ron Nirenberg returned to his Alma Mater, the Annenberg School for Communication, on Monday evening to talk to students about his political career as a progressive independent.

Nirenberg was invited back to campus to speak at the annual George Gerbner Lecture in Communication. His lecture was titled “Be A Better Neighbor: The Education of a Mayor.”

Nirenberg was introduced by his former academic advisor Carolyn Marvin. Marvin said she saw him as a “son of Annenberg,” who is a part of a wider movement to shift Texas’ political leanings. “He’s part of a generation that is kind of beginning to turn Texas blue,” Marvin remarked.

During his speech, Nirenberg claimed that the large population of refugees in that Northwest Side district are still constituents, despite the fact that they are not citizens and cannot vote.

“This is the ethic of our office. Be a better neighbor,” Nirenberg said, noting that elected leaders should represent not only likely voters or those who agree with their politics, but everyone. “It stands to reason, then, one of the things I learned is to make sure your values are expressed in the work you do.” He expressed his values by taking action his first day in office, signing the Compassionate Cities charter and passing a resolution supporting the Paris climate accord. Soon after,  San Antonio took a stand against the Texas Legislature’s anti-immigrant Senate Bill 4.

Nirenberg credit the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania for his political career and its foundation.

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Official Statement on Bexar County Commissioners Granting Special Class Protections to Unnatural Lifestyles

Official Statement on Bexar County Commissioners Granting Special Class Protections to Unnatural Lifestyles

Article contributed by San Antonio Family Association 

The Bexar County Commissioners Court voted unanimously on Tuesday, February 27 on a measure to add “gender identity,” “gender expression,” and “sexual orientation” to be considered protected classes in its human resources policy of equal employment opportunity. The expanded policy not only grants special class protections to unnatural lifestyles, it also undermines natural marriage, attacks the family, and promotes unhealthy lifestyles choices that will lead to long term domestic failure.

Following natural law and order and having political communities promote natural lifestyles (marriage between one man and one woman for life, being open to children) is what leads to long term domestic prosperity. A strong family builds a strong community. Healthy, strong families lead to lower health care costs as they lead natural lives. As children are born and families grow, the economy grows making development possible.

The importance of the family for the life and well-being of society entails a particular responsibility for society to support and strengthen marriage and the family. Civil authority should consider it a grave duty to acknowledge the true nature of marriage and the family, to protect and foster them, to safeguard public morality, and promote domestic prosperity.

The Bexar County Commissioners Court, however, is continuing to provide immoral leadership in the name of inclusivity and in the form of contemporary paganism. Just as the Court did 4 years ago when it condoned co-habitation as a means to sneak in “domestic partner” benefits for same-sex people, the court is now legitimizing every fictional gender identity and creating special classes out of thin air. All of these changes are done at the expense of the taxpayers of Bexar County and it will cost dearly especially as the contemporary emphasis is now on closing healthcare insurance as a “right” and transgender surgery and therapy as a medical necessity so it qualifies for county provided health insurance coverage as a non-elective essential.

Regarding the “Employee Plus One Qualifying Adult” policy which was approved in 2014, Judge Nelson Wolff said “We do our best to attract top-notch employees and we really are not concerned whatever their lifestyle might be, as long as they’re doing a good job for the county.” Judge Wolff’s statement ignores the fact that unhealthy lifestyles do adversely impact employees’ work life and health, and taxpayers get to pay for it with higher taxes. And Bexar property owners have incurred huge increases in taxes in the last two years.

Being “inclusive” of unnatural lifestyles ultimately leads to disease, death, and long term domestic failure. Homosexual, paramour lifestyles are unhealthy and unnatural. SA has been a leader in a bad way in the state of TX for syphilis cases over the last decade especially. According to Bexar County and the CDC, 92% of all syphilis cases result from MSM, that is Male Sex with Male. Active homosexual men have life spans 20 years shorter than heterosexual men. Diseases such as HPV, HIV, and even Zika are significantly higher amongst practicing homosexuals. Domestic violence rates among people with a contraceptive/luv, not love, mentality is dramatically higher. The National Violence Against Women survey found that 21.5 percent of men and 35.4 percent of women living with a same-sex partner experienced intimate-partner physical violence in their lifetimes, compared with 7.1 percent and 20.4 percent for men and women, respectively, with a history of only opposite-sex cohabitation. And couples who cohabit instead of getting married experience domestic violence at twice the rate of married couples.

Studies have shown that children do better in natural families with a mother and a father over the unnatural families. Further, the divorce rate among heterosexuals is dramatically higher among those who “shack up” verses those who do not live together prior to marriage.

Despite all the evidence that the traditional family structure is best for both the individuals and society as a whole, Bexar County Commissioners Court seeks to undermine the natural order and promote unhealthy lifestyles.

The proposed revision to Bexar County Human Resources Policy 7.101 Equal Employment provides endless choices to qualify for special class recognition and protection:

Bexar County provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, age, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, or non-merit factor (except where such is a bona fide occupational qualification) in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment.

Traditional special class protections (sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, etc.) are provided to prevent discrimination based on either immutable factors or grounded in the First Amendment protections of religious freedom. The expansion in the policy is to include nonsensical and fictional categories such as “sexual orientation”, “gender identity” and “gender expression” all based in unscientific and unproven gender/queer theory but absent of fact and blind to scientific evidence.

These categories have as much viability as the proofs used by the Flat Earth society, but are being foisted upon the residents of Bexar County without regard to the increased cost, the harm done to the natural family, and the fact that public policy ought to promote what is good and sound for a society. But then again, the track record of the Bexar County Commissioners Court has been one of following and not leading. Perhaps this is why they are still dancing to Mayor Castro’s tune several years later.

It would be novel if the Bexar County leadership actually did lead instead of follow. This would mean paying attention to the things that are evidential fact and not fiction and bias due to their ideological disorder and/or desire to pander to a micro-minority loud political group that has lots of time to rant about human contrived “rights”. The court is legitimately concerned about opioid addictions and the cost to healthcare so much so that it filed a lawsuit against manufacturers to recover costs of care. What will they do to recover costs of their condoned addictive unhealthy lifestyles? Who will they sue? The only recourse will be to raise taxes on property owners and residents of Bexar County.

Rather than legitimizing gender confusion and sexual deviancy, they might want to address issues within their purview, such as roads, drainage, and other County business. It’s vital to our society that we get back to natural basics to improve everyone’s quality of life.

SAWS CEO declines $96,500 bonus

SAWS CEO declines $96,500 bonus

In a sage political move, SAWS CEO Robert Puente has declined a $96,500 bonus. Not accepting his almost $100k bonus  is possibly Puente’s wisest move as CEO as SAWS goes deeper in debt, raises water rates for two consecutive years, grows socialized program for un-affordable rates, and hasn’t gotten out of the very expensive and unnecessary “Consent Decree” among other serious problems.

Is it theatrics to deceive the masses? Give him a ridiculous bonus so that when the heat is on he can magnanimously decline? This does nothing to address the flawed SAWS planning problems with Vista Ridge or the other problems listed above.

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