Patrick Von Dohlen

The Voice of Common Sense

My name is Patrick Von Dohlen and it would be my honor to serve the residents of the City of San Antonio, District 9, as Councilman.

Stirred by issues that continue to plague the district as well as those in the state and national spotlight, I am committed to stand on the side of residents and work toward smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom at a time when I believe the city government has become progressively agenda-driven.

* I believe District 9 residents still lack a city council representative who consistently works in favor of common sense strategies on quality of life issues like street drainage and crime reduction as well as on issues they hear about on the national news including immigration policy, privacy protections and tax relief.

* I believe the current District 9 councilman has failed to serve as a champion for the district when it comes to business development and regulation relief for a north side area in need of prudent planning and zoning attention.

* I believe it is imperative District 9 has a councilman who understands the business side of the equation. We need to improve our district through infrastructure projects and common sense commerce in order to retain and attract new businesses to the area so we can reap the benefits of our city’s tremendous appeal. I have the vision to do that.

*I believe city council as a whole has missed the mark when it comes to serving as advocates for ordinary citizens. While they were busy moving Christmas trees from Alamo Plaza and secretly meeting to deny an invitation to a national committee, residents always get stuck with the short end of the stick. It certainly seems fiscal responsibility, especially eliminating debt and wasteful spending, is not at the top of their agenda.

Why Am I Running for City Council?

I love the city of San Antonio. I believe there is much to celebrate about our heritage including the values and traditions that led to its founding and growth over the last 300 years. 

1. I want District 9 to be a great place for my children and their future families to live and work. 

2. I have a passion to work for the rights of citizens and I want to use my talents to improve the quality of life for the residents of District 9 and the common good.

3. I believe the city council has become progressively agenda-driven, distracted away from the core purpose of city government in the last few years. When elected, I will work for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom. 


Citizen Leader Distinction – Empower Texans – 2016

Civitas Citizenship Award – The Justice Foundation

Co-Founding Board Member – San Antonio Family Association – 2011

Former Board Member – Texas Leadership Coalition

Founding Partner – The Von Dohlen Knuffke Financial Group – 2006

40 under 40 – San Antonio Business Journal – 2004

Graduate, Texas A&M University – Bachelor of Science – 1992

Graduate – Austin Westlake High School – 1988



Former Congressman District 23


Former State Representative District 122


State Board Of Education Member


Texas Values Action President