S.A. firefighters launch campaign to amend the city charter

S.A. firefighters launch campaign to amend the city charter

The San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association is asking voters to support three petition issues to amend the current city charter.

Petition officials will be at early voting stations and at the polls on March 6, asking voters to sign.

The union says the San Antonio First Campaign is all about increasing transparency at City Hall —  and they say it comes down to three different issues: decreasing the city manager’s salary, preventing the city from suing them, and  making it easier to get petitions like these expedited.

This last issue is similar to one that the San Antonio Family Association has also suggested as an amendment to the city charter. The Charter Amendment petitioning for a lowering the signature requirement to 20k on a petition to overturn an egregious CoSA Council decision like the NDO2013 or NonMarried Lifestyle Benefits (2011), etc and increasing the time to gather signatures is much more reasonable than a referendum requirement 10% of registered voters in 40 Days. 10% of registered voters in 2013 equaled about 66,000 signatures and in 2017 and now would be 105,000 registered voters. This makes a Citizen response not only improbable but also improbable. This is a good Charter Amendment change as we have recommended a similar one to the CRC of 20% of actual voters or 20,000.  In 2013 that would have amounted to 5600 (or 20,000) and in 2017 or now would be about 12,000 (or the 20,000).

Chris Steele, president of San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association, says this is, in part, a reaction to the city’s recent approval of City Manager Sheryl Sculley’s $550,000 salary and the December water rate hike.
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