Ron Nirenberg talks budget and answers your questions

Ron Nirenberg talks budget and answers your questions

So if the SA Mayor thinks that mandatory paid sick leave, property taxes, school funding, and annexation are all state issues, why doesn’t the Mayor think that the 2013 Non-Discrimination Ordinance/NDO (which he voted for) is a state legislative issue? Is he against the state’s prerogative on privacy in public facilities? He fought against the State Legislature’s attempt to create privacy consistency across the state in the last legislative session. His inconsistency on issues seems based on a disordered ideology.

Ron is also wrong about the one particular Charter Amendment petition by the SA Fire Association that would correct the unreasonable referendum requirements that were actually change about a decade ago to its current overly burdensome requirements.

For more information, click here to listen to Trey Ware’s interview with Mayor Nirenberg from this Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

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