Rev. Steve Branson, PhD
*Village Parkway Baptist Church

Michael White Bitter, JD
*Business Law Attorney

Honorable Francisco “Quico” Canseco
*Former US Congressman

 Ret. Gen. David Cohen, MD
*Conservative candidate for District 9 – 2017

Honorable Frank Corte, Jr.
*Former State Rep. 

Carol Everett
*The Heidi Group President

Charity Farrar
*Life Choices President

Barbara Gilmartin
Community Bible Church Member

Pastor Art Gonzalez
*Cornerstone Church

Tere Herring
*Allied Women’s Center President

Alma P. Jackson
*Republican Party of Texas Vice Chair

Denny Kalk
SA Tea Party

Michael R. Knuffke
*Financial Planner

Tim Laudadio
*Waste Management Consultant

Honorable Weston C. Martinez
*Former Real Estate Commissioner 

Adam McManus
*Conservative Talk Show Host

Honorable Ken Mercer
*State Board of Education Member 

Allan Parker, JD.
*The Justice Foundation President

Daniel J. Petri, CPA
*Public Accountant

Jonathan Saenz, JD
*Texas Values President

Daniel G. Trevino, MD
*Pediatrics Physicia

Andrew Vicencio
*Texas Asian Republican Club (TARC)

*Denotes title for identification purposes only

3 hours ago


Happy 244th Birthday to the US Navy! Thank you to the #Navy and all of Navy Sailors for the #defense of our #Country and for our continued #freedom.‬

It is tradition of the Navy to have the oldest Sailor and youngest Sailor to cut the cake as a sign of passing on and keeping alive Naval history.

Patrick Von Dohlen
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6 hours ago


CAAP NOT NEEDED, not good for #SA business environment

1. Climate Change is real
2. Accurate longterm historical data provides evidence that man-made climate change is not real
3. The costs are too high and will:
4. Drive up CPS Energy costs by $1000/family annually
5. Have adverse impact on business & cost of doing business that will be passed on to consumers for a hidden tax
6. Drives up cost of all construction especially new home construction
7. Negatively impacts the poor even more
8. Grow government, government mandates intruding into peoples freedom and the need for more social welfare programs to help the disadvantaged
9. Have no real impact to lower the temperature or improve the climate
10. Conclusion: The CAAP is less about the environment and more about growing the size, scope and intrusion of government in San Antonian lives, therefore, VOTE NO ON #CAAP
11. SA should focus less on “high level thinking” ideas and get back to basics on serving the people of this community by being great at its primary function and core services

Patrick Von Dohlen
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