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Does this represent residents of #District9?

Councilman John Courage sits in solidarity with “Black Lives Matter” and the Indigenous Peoples but stands against American history and heritage.

Last Thursday, Councilman John Courage excitedly raised his fist first and held it up to the last from the Dias. There is a matter of behavioral decorum that exists when at the Dias as an elected official no longer represent just themself but more importantly an represents their constituents and the entity at large.

Only Councilman Clayton Perry, District 10 honored the decorum befitting of the situation and he has been blasted.

John Courage co-sponsored the Council Consideration Request (CCR) to rename Columbus Park and remove the Christopher Columbus Statue with sponsor Councilman Roberto C. Treviño, District1.

Yesterday, in the SA Governance Committee Councilman Courage voted to rename Columbus Park and remove the Columbus Statue along with Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the rest of the GA Committee. The unanimous vote also included circumventing the normal, longer process of having the Historic & Design Review Committee (HDRC) vote to remove a statue and to send it directly to a Council vote.

The statue was removed in the last 24 hours for “cleaning & repair”.

According to the BLM founders, they are self-proclaimed Marxists. The Indigenous Peoples want to eliminate all representations, statues of Christianity.

#RobertoTrevino #MayorNirenberg
#JohnCourage #D9

#BLM #IndigenousPeople #UNESCO
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