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Zoning Irregularity in District 9 “warehousing” the socioeconomically lower income people in SA. Please contact Michael Pepe at the Development Services Department City of San Antonio with an email and/or phone call to register your input since the meeting will not be open to the public to attend due to Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s Public Health Emergency Disaster Declaration being still in place.

Here’s a sample of an email you can write or just copy of my email to him for Citizens To Be Heard to be read at the Zoning Commission meeting on Tuesday, June 2nd.

FYI: The City has a concerted effort (since about 2014) to place low income housing in the Northside of San Antonio to give credence to need for expanding the VIA bus routes and spend $25 Million on a huge, basically unused (for the last 18 months) VIA terminal in the Stone Oak area on Hwy. 281 outside of Loop 1604 that Councilman John Courage was promoting to be built in advance of actual need.

To: Michael Pepe

I was reviewing this filing by a Florida-based Developer that is planning a high-density low income housing tax credit project at Interpark & Hwy. 281 for a change in zoning to High Density Multifamily (MF-33) that is being considered at the Zoning Commission on June 2, 2020.

I am writing in to you to express my opposition to this change in zoning as it would be inappropriate.

It is my understanding that this is a multifamily low income housing located at the corner of Interpark and Hwy. 281 adjacent to / just North of Shearer Hills Baptist Church.

While having good housing for families in need and to have families located next to a church can be a very good thing, there are multiple problems with this proposed zoning change and site plan at 12615 San Pedro (Z-2020-10700054). These (potential) problems are:

1. This is a commercial / industrial business park area and there are no residences in this area and the multi-family zoning is inappropriate.

2. This small apartment complex will have no support for low-income as it is not close to a any grocery or convenience stores, schools, any medical clinics which are all support systems that all people especially those of low income have need of close in proximity.

3. This area is in a 75 decibel flight zone which typically exceeds the allowable decibel level allowed for residences.

4. Thicker/sound proof walls and windows will be needed to mitigate the noise level to help create a better residential environment.

5. Placing low income housing in a warehouse area could be (mis)construed as "warehousing" of (low income) people and is not conducive to a residential community.

6. The site is not within the Airport Land Use Plan of 2010.

7. The site is located right on a 3-lane access road that will not only be loud but also potentially very dangerous for people, especially children.

8. There are no known support services for this new community at this site location.

9. Due to the current COVID-19 CoronaVirus Health Pandemic and the greater potential spread of it due to a lack of social distancing this multifamily site if approved could become a conduit to the spread of this or another virus.

Please give a copy of my comments to each of the Zoning Commissioners and read them at the time this item is to be heard at the Zoning Commission meeting.


Patrick Von Dohlen

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SA City Council approves Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s extension of his Public Health Emergency Disaster Declaration Stay Home/Work Safe extention through June 2.

The health pandemic is causing a catastophic financial pandemic. If the Mayor & Council don’t #OpenSA on June 3rd the financial pandemic might become cataclysmic.

Councilman Clayton Perry, District 10 requested that the Stay Home / Work Safe name be changed to convey that people can get out. Right after Mayor Ron Nirenberg said that he and Councilman John Courage were talking about that very thing earlier, before the A Session began...

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