Oh what a relief it is! Google hut in Haskin Park has been removed!

Oh what a relief it is! Google hut in Haskin Park has been removed!

Thank Google – it wasn’t their fault – guilty parties were San Antonio city management & council.

Crews removed the Google hut from Haskin Park today around 12:30 p.m.

Let’s offer a big thank you to Google for stepping up and doing the right thing by removing the hut from Haskin Park. Despite rumors otherwise, Google’s installation process of high speed internet is moving forward with the faster method of micro trenching (reportedly as much as 5,000 linear feet per day)..a process that results in less destruction to neighborhoods.

Yet city management continues to try to Blame Google: ” ….but plans were spoiled when the CITY SAYS the technology giant FAILED to go through the proper channels during the Haskin Park project.”

The evidence proves it was not Google’s failure but city management and previous city council members who intentionally ignored neighborhood, state, and city laws in order to circumvent the rules and illegally approve installations in City Parks throughout the City. This is why the neighborhood associations of Oak Park/Northwood, Highland Park, and Mission San Jose teamed up to stop multiple hut locations approved in the backrooms by our “City Leaders”.

City Management shortcut the rules (skipping as many as 5 required public hearings) and then began blaming Google when their deceptions were exposed and neighborhoods tried to hold them accountable.

City management & council’s failure to follow & enforce it’s own laws harmed Google’s reputation and stalled their progress of high speed fiber installation. As evidenced by the new council’s recent actions, the city leadership (with some exceptions) will continue to try and shortcut the process in order to avoid public discourse and scrutiny of their agendas unless we diligently hold them accountable.

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