Adam McManus

*Conservative Talk Show Host

Alma P. Jackson
*Republican Party Of Texas Vice Chair

Pastor Art Gonzalez
*Cornerstone Church

Allan Parker, JD.
*The Justice Foundation President

Barbara Gilmartin
Community Bible Church Member

Carol Everett

*The Heidi Group President

Denny Kalk
SA Tea Party



Charity Farrar

*Life Choices President

Daniel J. Petri, CPA
*Public Accountant

Daniel G. Trevino, MD
*Pediatrics Physician

Ret. Gen. David Cohen, MD
*Conservative candidate for District 9 – 2017

Honorable Francisco “Quico” Canseco
*Former US Congressman


Honorable Frank Corte, Jr.
*Former State Rep. 

Jonathan Saenz, JD
*Texas Values President

Honorable Ken Mercer

*State Board Of Education Member 

Michael White Bitter, JD
*Business Law Attorney

Michael R. Knuffke
*Financial Planner

R. Andrew Vicencio
*Texas Asian Republican Club (TARC)

Rev. Steve Branson, PhD

*Village Parkway Baptist Church

Tere Herring
*Allied Women’s Center President

Tim Laudadio
*Waste Management Consultant

Honorable Weston C. Martinez
*Former Real Estate Commissioner 

*Denotes title for identification purposes only

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