Patrick Von Dohlen – Issues


Accountability and Transparency

Our elected officials serve the citizens of San Antonio and I intend to make accountability and transparency a hallmark of my term as city councilman.

In fact, in my seven years of attending city council meetings AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN and working to ensure taxpayers had a voice in matters, I am proud to have been a part of successful efforts to amend the City Charter that resulted in PROTECTING residential housing values and ensuring zoning ordinances were being followed properly and to stop unfair special interest zoning.

When I am elected, I am committed to continue similar efforts to make it easier for voters to keep checks and balances on their representatives. Requirements for the Citizen Referendum as well as common sense limits on the ability of a city employee or city employee’s spouse to serve on a city commission are at the top of my list.


Fiscal Responsibility

You’ve heard the saying: numbers don’t lie. It’s a refreshing thought — – until you realize you’re in the red. I’ve spent the last seventeen years as a financial adviser, and I know that, while it takes big money to run the seventh largest city in the US, the taxpayers are often the ones left out of the loop.

I believe it’s possible to effectively manage our growing municipality and still keep the costs down. It just requires proactive planning and a dedication to responsible choices, two ideals I have consistently delivered to my clients. It’s a simple philosophy I hope to bring to City Hall — quality services delivered to residents without putting them in the hole.



District 9 is one of the fastest growing areas of the city and its residents and visitors can certainly tell. Marred by traffic congestion and many inadequate roads and sidewalks, it’s often a daily struggle to travel from end to another. While the 2017 Bond may provide some relief, I believe there is much more that can be done for our district that does not require risking more taxpayer investment.

I believe in timely solutions completed under budget. I also believe that effective planning eliminates the need to ask for more taxpayer money every five years. My goal will always be to ensure the needs of the community don’t get overshadowed by the wants of those with more influence.



According to the FBI, San Antonio experienced a 27.6% increase in violent crime in 2016 from just one year prior, a surge that marks a twenty-one year high for our mission city.(SA Express- News, 01/12/17). It’s a sobering thought.

The good news is I believe there is much that can be done to make our city a safer and better place for our families. As a member of city council, I will work to ensure our men and women in uniform are never overlooked but instead, have the personnel and resources needed to protect our communities. I will also be proactive to ensure residents, citywide and in District 9, are not underserved but enjoy relationships that foster trust between officers and community neighbors.

Additional Issues

It’s hard enough to be a business owner without all the regulations to hold you down. I’m a pro-responsible growth advocate focused on helping small businesses succeed. That means serving as an honorable citizen and developer advocate in City Hall making sure that there are consistent, transparent rules that help local entrepreneurs do business and create jobs without hurting established neighborhoods.

As talk intensifies in 2017 about the possibility of annexing new areas of Bexar County, many of which are bordered by District 9, I am keenly aware of the consequences that would accompany bringing an estimated 200,000 new residents under the City of San Antonio umbrella. ( 11/22/15)

While I am certainly a pro-responsible growth advocate, this is clearly a case in which citizens should have a say in the process and there should never by a forced annexation. As councilman, I will work to ensure any efforts to acquire unincorporated areas is in the best interest of the people who are paying the bills as well as work to safeguard the core city services needed to support such an undertaking.