Medical Director of San Antonio Metro Health is “Planned Parenthood” abortionist

Medical Director of San Antonio Metro Health is “Planned Parenthood” abortionist

Article contributed by San Antonio Family Association 

AUGUST 9, 2018


Medical Director of San Antonio Metro Health is “Planned Parenthood” abortionist

Dr. Chichi Junda Woo has once again been appointed as Medical Director for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. And, on August 16, City Council will vote on an ordinance to appoint Dr. Woo as Local Health Authority for San Antonio and surrounding areas of Bexar County.

Back in August of 2015, researchers at San Antonio Family Association (SAFA) discovered that Planned Parenthood abortionist Chichi Junda Woo was Medical Director of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. Dr. Woo’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood became known after the City Council certified her appointment as the Local Health Authority for San Antonio on August 6, 2015. Pro-life leaders immediately began to raise concerns. The San Antonio Family Association (SAFA) largely spearheaded this effort, issuing a call for concerned pro-lifers to show up and speak out against the appointment of Dr. Woo to such a high position. Mayor Ivy Taylor and the San Antonio City Council responded to the concerns of the local pro-life community by requesting that City Manager Sheryl Sculley rescind the appointment of Dr. Chichi Junda Woo to the position of Medical Director of the Bexar County Metropolitan Health District. City Manager Sculley complied with the request by reassigning Dr. Woo to her prior position of Chief Medical Officer over STDs, infectious disease, and immunization clinics.

Woo was previously Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas, according to her bio on the University of Texas website. That organization was the predecessor to Planned Parenthood South Texas, which operates the improperly zoned regional abortion facility recently opened in San Antonio. The opening of that center was delayed for more than five months due to fierce opposition led by San Antonio Family Association.

SAFA head Patrick Von Dohlen said, “This is a particularly troubling appointment given the recent Center for Medical Progress videos illustrating Planned Parenthood’s admission of violating their own abortion processes at the risk of the woman’s health and life in order to harvest baby organ (specimens) and even doing so without patient consent. The City enabled Planned Parenthood South Texas to operate and perform medical surgeries and use cold storage in an inappropriate facility within fifty feet of the sanctity of family homes. Now, with this appointment of Woo, the City has condoned Woo’s anti-woman, anti-child, money-first ideology and the unlawful organ harvesting procedures of Planned Parenthood which have betrayed women.”

Woo’s address is listed on the website of US News & World Report as 104 Babcock, a Planned Parenthood address in San Antonio. Woo admits in an article that she penned in February 2011 that she is an ‘abortion provider’. Former Bryan, Texas Planned Parenthood abortion facility director Abby Johnson confirmed that Woo worked as an abortionist at Planned Parenthood in Bryan during Abby’s tenure there.

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District is responsible for providing public health programs in San Antonio and unincorporated areas of Bexar County. Being a Director level position, this appointment is formally made and ratified by the City Council after receiving a recommendation by City Manager Sculley.

Do we really want a “Planned Parenthood” doctor to have such authority? The recent Center for Medical Progress videos have revealed that “Planned Parenthood” engages in the selling of baby body parts and compromises women’s health by choosing riskier procedures to procure the children’s organs, sometimes without patient consent. Is it appropriate to have a doctor who has possibly participated in such activities serve as the Medical Director for the SAMHD? And if our Mayor and City Council believe it is, do they actually represent the pro-life, pro-family values of San Antonio?

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Can the idiots at City Council get any more evil?