LGBT Community Fails to Raise Funds for Rainbow Crosswalks

LGBT Community Fails to Raise Funds for Rainbow Crosswalks

CoSA Council Governance Committee that includes Mayor Nirenberg and Councilman Treviño previously approved giving $20k of tax payer money for a “Rainbow Crosswalk” to tell the homosexual community that they approve of their lifestyle. This diverts from common sense public safety as crosswalks are standardized for exactly that, safety.  Now, since the LGBTQ community hasn’t raised the other $30,000, District 1 Councilman Trevino suggests “not to worry” as the money will be found… Its dangerous to change the standard crosswalks, imprudent to start allowing ANY special interest group their own customized crosswalks, possibly a violation the City’s own “Non-Discrimination Ordinance,” and a flagrant abuse of tax payer money for $20,000 much less the whole PROJECTED cost of $50,000. Consider letting Councilman Trevino, Mayor Nirenberg and the rest of the Governance Committee know this is ideological politics and not in the best interest of public safety or the community as a whole and a waste of tax payer dollars.

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This article is correct and the Mayor and those in office should stop wasting time and money on this kind of garbage. They should use our money for what is needed to improve the city, not on these kinds of projects which do not reflect anything of value.

Bob Smith

This “community ” has lots of other priorities and its not the health or safety of our city. Thanks loser Mayor.