Homeland Security says Police Chief McManus refused help on human smuggling stop

Homeland Security says Police Chief McManus refused help on human smuggling stop

There are reports that McManus actively turned away federal agents. And there is now a dispute over the extent to which federal agents made the scene. McManus is now claiming that federal agents are lying when they say that he refused federal assistance.

Regarding McManus’ insane press conference, I do not understand why federal agents on the scene did not put McManus to the ground and handcuff him for obstructing justice or violating 8 USC 1324.

Police Chief McManus was wrong to obstruct justice & violate 8 USC 1324 BUT federal agents at were also wrong for allowing McManus to do it. Those feds should have handcuffed McManus on the spot.

But for seriousness of this, McManus’ conference would be amusing. He can’t explain protocol (b/c a one doesn’t exist), he admits illegal witnesses might flee & harm case, & he can’t explain basis of his decision to obstruct justice.

McManus falsely states that  SAPD had no authority to detain illegal aliens BUT SAPD detained them long enough to send them to Catholic Charities. Why not release them on the scene? When is US Atty indicting McManus?

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What a BS article. The Chief followed State law as required. The feds had no play in this matter.


Since when do feds not have inherence on illegal aliens? I guess the the chiefs decision to release them to “Charitable” organizations was a better option.


This is what happens when you have a chief that insist on making every call. He has very good field brass, when he shows up, he “takes charge” I think this one is one he will have second thoughts about having made.

Bob Smith

The Chief is starting to smell like bad seafood. Overstayed his welcome and now he is making poor decisions.


Time for him to leave, go back to Minneapolis, from where he came. Much more suited to his socio-political preferences


No doubt, the chief wants to rubberstamp the idea that SA is a “sanctuary city”. Absolutely BS that the city can’t detain illegal aliens. Does the chief say we can’t detain bank robbers because it’s a federal crime?