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Family Values Voter Guide

Family Values Voter Guide

 November 7, 2017 Election
Consider using this Family Values Voter Guide to assist voters in making wise choices at the polling sites. Make your vote count!

State of Texas Constitutional Amendments 

SAFA recommendations for Propositions that are supportive of the Family
Bexar County General, Special, Charter and Bond Election Voter Guide
foSAFA recommendations that are supportive of the Family

Family Values Voter Guide

Sample Ballot

Voting is a right of citizens and citizens are duty-bound to vote yet not only vote but vote a well-formed conscience.

Election Day Voting is on Tues., Nov. 7th.

Voting information and polling sites can be found here.
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TREY’s TAKE: Did This Really Just Happen? Lee HS Has A New Name

TREY’s TAKE: Did This Really Just Happen? Lee HS Has A New Name

“Did this reallyyy just happen?

The NEISD Board of Trustees voted last night to change the name of Lee High School to L.E.E. High School.

The board voted in August to change the name because of “safety concerns” and unspecified “threats”.

They said they wanted a name that would be less disruptive than the name Lee.

So, they decided to change the name of Lee High School to L.E.E. High School.

Legacy of Educational Excellence High School.

Starting next school year Lee High School will be known as L.E.E. High School.

Oh, I see what you did there. Add a few dots and presto chango!

Very clever.

Um, the school will retain the Volunteers mascot, and most everything else about the old Lee High School.

So what was the point exactly?”

To read more from KTSA, click here.

Trey Ware One on One with Mayor Ron Nirenberg

Trey Ware One on One with Mayor Ron Nirenberg

KTSA radio host Trey Ware invites San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg to discuss the major topics affecting San Antonio, including the rise in property taxes, illegal immigration in San Antonio and the removal of Confederate statues in the city.

CLICK PLAY BELOW and WATCH NOW (click on the speaker icon for volume)

Trey Ware goes one on one with San Antonio's mayor. Presented by GPS of Texas and Green Carpet Company.

Posted by 550 KTSA on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SA Corridors Open House

SA Corridors Open House

You are invited to a Community Workshop for the SA Corridors Project

When: Tuesday, December 6th, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Where: St. Ann’s Gym at 701 Fredericksburg Rd. (78201)

Share your ideas and help design the future of areas around Lower Fredericksburg Road. Whether you’re a resident, business owner, or property owner, don’t miss your opportunity to tell us how you think the area should look and function in the future. The workshop will include a short presentation about the project and what we know so far about future infrastructure investments in the area. There will be a fun, hands-on design exercise looking at potential development options, redevelopment/reinvestment areas, transportation, and public facilities.

Workshop objectives include:
1. Exploring how to transition from an active station area to residential neighborhoods
2. Testing ideas about design preferences
3. Identifying infrastructure needs
4. Thinking about the relationship between development and infrastructure

Your input will:
1. Identify future infrastructure improvements
2. Assist in making recommendations regarding zoning changes
3. Help develop proposals for how transitions work and what constitutes a transition

Visit to find information about the workshop and to learn more about this initiative. You may also contact Jacob Floyd with the City’s Department of Planning & Community Development at (210)207-8318 or [email protected] for more information.

More about the SA Corridors initiative:
How we grow over the next 25 years will have a big impact on the regional economy, the environment, and our quality of life. Transportation plays a big part, too. VIA Metropolitan Transit recently approved the VIA Vision 2040 Long Range Plan, a blueprint for the future of public transportation in the region. The plan includes a transit network that is made up of 12 corridors that will serve every corner of San Antonio with clean, safe, and rapid public transportation.

Why SA Corridors?
San Antonio is at a tipping point. We have a new Comprehensive Plan, SA Tomorrow, and a new transit vision, VIA Vision 2040, which will help guide growth in the coming decades. At the same time, San Antonio is growing rapidly. From the Pearl to Alamo Ranch, new homes and businesses are being built every day. SA Corridors is an attempt to harness that growth in a way that preserves existing neighborhoods, supports transit, and encourages a range of housing options along our major corridors.

Lee High School will be LEE High School

Lee High School will be LEE High School

North East Independent School District trustees decided the new name of Robert E. Lee High School by a 5-2 vote Monday. Effective next school year, the school will be know as Legacy of Educational Excellence High School, or LEE High School. That’s right, “Lee” was too controversial for the board, so they changed it to “LEE”.

The Board of Trustees was bamboozled by hyper-emotion in a national tidal wave of revisionist history. Their choice to remove the name and then to keep the “LEE” name shows that renaming the school was a merely political move.

Lee High School officials claimed the change was made because of “threats” and “outrage” from the community, and the burden of continuous education on why the school was named after the Confederate general, which essentially means the school complained about the need to teach history. Is this laziness or pure progressive politics?

Their selection of the name “LEE High School” has wedged the School Board between a rock and a hard place. Not only will it now take more time to explain that the name is LEE High, not Lee High, they will also have to teach the history behind the name regardless of the change.

Perhaps the Board now wishes they had stuck with the 2015 Board of Trustee’s decision to preserve the original name of the school, and ask the teaching staff to teach history accurately, and have the history of Robert E. Lee’s life posted on the school’s website for all to reference and learn.

Because the NEISD Board has already made the bad decision to remove Robert E Lee’s name, the name “LEE” is probably the best choice. Using “LEE” as an acronym will help tax payers and parents save money. The decision to use an acronym rather than an entirely new name also helps the Board look like they stand with parents instead of violating parental trust. And it placates Lee alumni, an important consideration as their fundraising prevented the name change in the past.

The old Lee name is the new LEE name and in the end nothing really changed, except the cost to school loyalty and to tax payers.

Schools are named after impactful people, not perfect people. What precedent has the NEISD set for themselves in the selection of a name for the next new high school?

Citizens share your vision for the future of San Antonio’s parks!

Citizens share your vision for the future of San Antonio’s parks!

Citizen participation in civic government is crucial. Weigh in to protect parks from improper zoning, preserve historical monuments, and avoid spending tax payer money on new pagan monuments, i.e. Plethora, begin build on County Property and being overseen by SA River Authority (SARA).

The San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department wants to hear from you! How do you envision your City parks in the next ten years? Tell us at the first SA Parks System Plan Community Workshop Thursday, Oct. 12 at the Central Library. Several workshops will be offered across the City from now through January.

The Parks department will also host several Community Events so that residents can experience and learn the types of programs and amenities offered.

Click here to learn more!