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Nirenberg re-formats Charter Review Commission, gives group marching orders

Nirenberg re-formats Charter Review Commission, gives group marching orders

As the Charter Review & Amendment timeline heats up with the Primary Election push by the San Antonio Professional Fire Fighters Association with 3 Charter Amendment Petitions, Mayor Nirenberg disbands and re-creates the Charter Review Commission with people who are progressive. One of the new appointees is former Council Member Patti Radle who is the President of the SAISD Board of Trustees and recently led the school district to undermine student privacy by expanding the ISD policy to grant special class protections based on unhealthy lifestyles of Sexual OrientationGender Identity and Gender Expression (SOGIGE) expanding on the City’s unjust NDO decision in 2013. Citizens should be very concerned not only after the abrupt dismissal of the prior CRC appointees led (by Jeff Webster who had taken deliberate action to be open, transparent and listen to all citizens) but also by the ideology of the new appointees. It might be a good time to consider getting involved in your local process as the CoSA Charter is like the Constitution is to the USA.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg on Wednesday recast the makeup of the San Antonio Charter Review Commission ahead of a potential November election to amend the city’s guiding document.

The commission had been dormant since last summer as Nirenberg has floated some ideas about potential charter amendments. But late last month, the San Antonio Professional Fire Fighters Association kicked off a petition drive that, if successful, would result in three charter amendments, potentially on this November’s ballot.

In a Wednesday memo Nirenberg sent to council members and obtained by the San Antonio Express-News, he wrote that the new commission would “consider ballot propositions to amend the charter during a possible November 2018 election.”

He’s asked the commission to consider issues that fall within four areas only — development, public finance, ethics and governance. Their recommendations are due to the Governance Committee by June, ahead of a possible August vote to call the November election.

Nirenberg named Bonnie Prosser Elder, general counsel for VIA Metropolitan Transit, as chairwoman. Other members include former City Attorney Frank Garza, who’s a carryover from the previous commission, and former council members Patti Radle and Bonnie Conner.

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SA City Council approves the appointment of Willis Mackey to the CPS Energy Board

SA City Council approves the appointment of Willis Mackey to the CPS Energy Board

CPS Energy Board: SA City Council approves the appointment of Willis Mackey to the CPS Energy Board this morning during the Council A Session despite “diversity” and financial controversy accusations. Mackey is the former Judson ISD Superintendent and he was recommended by Mayor Nirenberg for the 5-year position. CPS Energy subsidizes about 12-14% of the City’s revenue which is actually an indirect tax on rate payers since the profit of the municipal entity isn’t being used to reduce rates but to help fund an indebted City government’s operating budget. This places even greater financial hardship on families.

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Fed Up Parents Plan Sex Ed Sit Out

Fed Up Parents Plan Sex Ed Sit Out

A grassroots movement of frustrated public school parents is turning their frustration into action. These parents want to end the sexualization of their children during class time. To achieve that purpose, they are holding a “Sex Ed Sit Out” protest on Monday, April 23rd, 2018.

This protest was initiated by a few moms on social media who were troubled by the graphic nature of current sex education resources in schools. It has since grown into a global movement with protests being planned in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Parents are demanding to know why their children are being taught how to have anal and oral sex, masturbate one another, and question their gender. Caryl Ayala, a former public school teacher and organizer of the Austin, Texas protest, said, “We are uniting with parents across the globe to demand that our rights as parents be respected regarding the teaching of sexuality and sexual orientation. Hands off our kids!”

Cities such as Rocklin, California and Fairfax County, Virginia have recently been the focus of news headlines because of controversial, gender-bending, and graphic sex education and anti-bullying programs. Parents say they were not informed that these programs would be taught to their children, sometimes as young as five years old.

“Why are our tax dollars going to pay for curriculums and resources that teach dangerous and promiscuous behaviors which most parents find morally abhorrent and the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] has stated are a health risk?” questioned Elizabeth Johnston, viral activist blogger and concerned mother. “Furthermore, why aren’t administrators being transparent with parents about the content of sexuality resources? It’s as if they have something to hide. That should frighten parents everywhere.”

Education Chairwoman of the Indiana Liberty Coalition and one of the protest organizers, Rhonda Miller, stated, “Follow the money. Comprehensive sex ed is being rolled out across America, often sponsored by special interest LGBT groups like Human Rights Campaign, and disguised as anti-bullying programs. If it’s not okay for special interest groups like the NRA [National Rifle Association] to be buying classroom time to push their agenda, then how is it okay for HRC monies to be buying schools off to teach gender-bending ideology and anal sex tutorials?”

On April 23rd, parents around the U.S., Canada, and Australia will be pulling their children out of school for the day. They will be protesting dangerous and graphic sex education and uniting at various locations to hold press events and field media questions. Special events are planned for the following cities:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Sacramento, California
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia

More details will be released on the Sex Ed Sit Out web site and Facebook page.

Please join us by signing our declaration to say NO to graphic, immoral sex education for our kids! And join in the “Sex Ed Sit Out” protest on Monday, April 23rd by pulling your kids out of public school for the day.

Confirmation of controversial new CPS Board Member postponed

Confirmation of controversial new CPS Board Member postponed

The resolution confirming the nomination of Dr. Willis Mackey by the City Public Service (CPS) Energy Board of Trustees to serve as Trustee of the Southeast Quadrant for a term commencing March 29, 2018 and expiring January 31, 2023; and approving the appointment of Dr. Willis Mackey to the Board of Directors of the SA Energy Acquisition Public Facility Corporation for a term commencing March 29, 2018 and expiring January 31, 2020, has been postponed. Dr. Mackey’s tenure as district superintendent was marred by controversy

The former school district superintendent has been selected to fill a soon-to-be-vacated seat on CPS Energy’s board of trustees. This is the same Willis Mackey who resigned after questions about the district’s spending and hiring practices in connection with several building projects.

An external audit found that district administrators and trustees violated district policy and state law on numerous occasions.

Mackey’s tenure in Southeast Texas was marred by controversy. He was named superintendent of Port Arthur ISD in March 2003 and was credited with helping the district pass a $110 million bond package and increasing test scores.

But in the three-year period that followed, the district also saw a downward spiral. Changes in school trustees, discord among board members and the administration and increasing levels of state intervention marked that time period.

In January 2006, trustees planned to discuss disciplining Mackey, but failed to provide a reason. The item was postponed after Mackey asked for a hearing in open session, The Enterprise reported.

Trustees accepted Mackey’s resignation in February 2006, again with little explanation.

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Easter 2017 Trump Presidential Address

Easter 2017 Trump Presidential Address

President Trump last year offered well-wishes to Americans celebrating Easter and Passover, calling the U.S. “a nation of believers.”

“As families gather in houses of worship across the nation, we are grateful for the tremendous blessings on this land, our home,” the president said in his weekly address.

“We have a beautiful country, an abundant countryside, and an amazing people with a truly bright and wonderful future.”

Trump talked about some of the season’s major religious holidays — Passover started earlier this week while Easter is Sunday.

“Down through the centuries, the Jewish people have lived through one persecution after another. And yet, they persevered, and thrived and uplifted the world beyond measure. And now, the state of Israel stands as a monument to their faith and endurance.”

And he looked forward toward Easter, which celebrates the biblical resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“It is a holy day of reverence and worship, a sacred time that fills the spirit of our nation with the faith of our people,” Trump said.


City Council moves to apply for grant to chemically inoculate children with HPV vaccine

City Council moves to apply for grant to chemically inoculate children with HPV vaccine

The City Council has moved to apply for a grant to chemically inoculate 0-18 year old children with the HPV vaccine. Why???

The vaccine is ideally given from ages 11 to 13. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection — the most common one. HPV vaccinations can protect against cervical, vaginal, penile, anal and other cancers.

Why would a 11 to 13 year old child need to vaccinated against sexually transmitted infections?

Many parents to accept the idea of a vaccine, lest it sent a message that parents think sexual activity is OK for their teens.

The HPV vaccine, Gardasil, is associated with serious adverse events, including death. Parents and women must know that deaths occurred. Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year.

Documents from VAERS detail 26 deaths between September 1, 2010, and September 15, 2011.

Gardasil was proven to have caused at least one verified case of auto-immune initiated motor neuron disease. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found Gardasil has a higher incidence of blood clots reported. The HPV vaccine has also been linked to other serious adverse events, including incidents of seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems and short term memory loss, Lind said. Will the parents and children be informed of all the risks associated with this vaccine?

Will the City require the SAMHD require, verify and enforce that minors will only be vaccinated with their actual parent/guardian with explicit and verifiable parental consent? Parents must be presented with as much information as is available on these drugs before they are allowed to sign for permission. This goes for all vaccines their children are to be given. And no child should be given any drug without written permission of the parent, permission that is verified to be from the parent.

Since schools are not allowed to administer drugs without parental and physician instructions, it is essential that parents understand the actions and possible side effects of the hormonal agents. Therefore, it is advised that a summarized fact sheet extracted from a PDR or product insert be presented to the parent before the written permission is accepted.

Why Easter never became a big secular holiday like Christmas

Why Easter never became a big secular holiday like Christmas

Christians from a variety of traditions will celebrate Easter this Sunday. Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. For many Christians, including those from Eastern Orthodox traditions (who generally celebrate Easter later than Western Christians, as they use a different calendar), Easter is the most important Christian holiday of all.

But in North America and Europe, Easter has a diminished cultural force as a time for secular celebration — its wider cultural cachet hardly approaches that of Christmas. As Jesuit priest and writer James Martin wryly wrote for Slate, “Sending out hundreds of Easter cards this year? Attending way too many Easter parties? … Getting tired of those endless Easter-themed specials on television? I didn’t think so.”

So why don’t we celebrate Easter the way we do Christmas? The answer tells us as much about the religious and social history of America as it does about either holiday. It reveals the way America’s holiday “traditions” as we conceive of them now are a much more recent and politically loaded invention than one might expect.

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Ronald Reagan: Statement on the Celebration of Passover and Easter

Ronald Reagan: Statement on the Celebration of Passover and Easter

Ronald Reagan, XL President of the United States

Statement on the Celebration of Passover and Easter 
April 17, 1981

This weekend, people across the world will join in holy celebrations, drawing spiritual sustenance from their worship. Here in America, religious beliefs are central to our founding principles. We draw special strength from our unity as a people who trust in God, and from the lessons for us and our children in our rituals.

Saturday night, Jewish people everywhere will sit with their families and friends for the celebration of Passover—a celebration of freedom.

Beginning with the traditional Seder meal, Passover is rich with tradition and symbolism. Its observance reminds us that the fight for freedom and the battle against oppression, waged by Jews throughout their history, is one of which all free people are a part.

Beginning today and culminating on Sunday morning, Christians will celebrate with their families the resurrection of Christ, His victory over death. We will remember that He gave His body and His blood—washing clean the faults and the shortcomings of the world. In our rejoicing we will renew the hope that is ours through the risen Lord.

Nancy joins me in extending to all who celebrate Passover or Easter our warmest wishes for a time filled with joy and spiritual fulfillment and our hope that one day men and women everywhere will be able to worship God in the manner of their choosing.

Ronald Reagan: “Statement on the Celebration of Passover and Easter ,” April 17, 1981.