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CPS Energy ups CEO’s compensation 10.5% to $735,000

CPS Energy ups CEO’s compensation 10.5% to $735,000

The board of CPS energy gave President and CEO Paula Gold-Williams a $290,000 bonus for her performance as interim CEO last year on top of a base pay of $445,000, giving her a 10.5 percent raise in total compensation, and bringing her total compensation to an outrageous $735,000.
After taking out a new bond this year, Gold-Williams gets an enormous raise rather than residents getting a rate cut. This means we are paying more for lack of good leadership and financial responsibility in CPS.
Gold-Williams is not even an energy expert, she’s a lobbyist. Consider who in city Government is representing you and making decisions to hire this woman and continue to pay her above her pay grade.

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San Antonio committee approves making permanent rainbow crosswalk

San Antonio committee approves making permanent rainbow crosswalk

The Governance Committee unanimously passed a proposal to paint a permanent rainbow crosswalk on Main Avenue in recognition of San Antonio’s commitment to the “LGBT” community.

Installing politically motivated crosswalks isn’t what city governments are elected to do. We have potholes to be filled, infrastructure issues to be dealt with, and other issues, which properly reside in the purview of a municipality. Yet our officials seemed determined to neglect those things, which would serve the entire community in order to support a political agenda discriminating against the vast majority of the population of San Antonio.

The truth is most of the citizens of San Antonio don’t want tax dollars wasted on rainbow crosswalks. The vast majority wants safe streets, lower taxes, and a government that promotes virtue and not vice. Sadly in 2017, those elected to lead San Antonio don’t represent the majority. Nor do they represent reality. Instead they are painting the city through their rainbow colored glasses and punishing those of us who oppose their agenda.

The crosswalk will cost a total of $68,000. $20,000 of that will come from the city’s general fund. This amount is equivalent to the cost of a traditional crosswalk with light reflective material. Officials said the remaining $48,000 will be raised by the District 1 community.

The crosswalk will be installed in either late November or early December.

We are mobilizing people to speak out against this. Sign up here to tell the San Antonio City Council that you are against the homosexual agenda they are promoting, and that you object this improper use of government funds!

Poll: Support Of Polygamy Among Americans Higher Than Ever Before

Poll: Support Of Polygamy Among Americans Higher Than Ever Before

A new Gallup poll finds that Americans are more supportive of polygamy than ever before, showing a shift in social and cultural beliefs.

It’s crucial to the long term domestic prosperity of our society that political communities uphold and protect marriage between one man and one woman for life.

The growing support of polygamy will tragically lead to the acceptance of other attacks on marriage that will ultimately lead us to our own domestic failure.

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Mayor Nirenberg: Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in military ‘totally offensive’

Mayor Nirenberg: Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in military ‘totally offensive’

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, who testified against Texas’ “bathroom bill” earlier this month, said he thought President Trump’s new ban on transgender people serving in the military is “totally offensive.”

“It’s certainly discriminatory. I question its constitutionality. The notion that one’s gender is in any way connected to patriotism and service to the country is totally offensive,” Nirenberg said.

The president announced that the government would not longer “accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.”

Here is more proof that our new Mayor Nirenberg does not understand or comprehend the mission and purpose of the military. It seems he thinks the military should be a test tube for disorder and confusion.

The military requires people who are fit in mind and body to proficiently serve and protect our country as a unified entity. Gender dysphoria can seriously affect a service member’s ability to perform his duty. It has been documented that gender dysphoria causes anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

The military will be stronger when it focuses on security, not sex changes.

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Shaw, Treviño Criticize Bill to Stop Removal of Confederate Monuments

Shaw, Treviño Criticize Bill to Stop Removal of Confederate Monuments

If it’s about a modern democracy as stated by Councilmen Shaw and Treviño, then put it to a vote of the people. It’s not very democratic for a progressive City Council to remove historic landmarks. SA needs every dollar to be efficiently used to make roads safer and increase public safety. SB112 will help bridle ideological Council’s like CoSA. Read the bill. The cost to move the monument will help repave Fredericksburg Rd.
Bexar County Commissioners Court has already removed historical monuments older than 40 years old.
The progressives need to conjoin the ideology of homosexuality to the civil rights movement to try to force commonality. It’s an impossible comparison. For them, inclusiveness mandates acceptance of unnatural acts not just “tolerance” and removal of all Confederate monuments to falsely promote their version of “civil rights”.
#SafeRoadsOverIdeology #TravisPark #ConfederateMonuments #HistoricalMarkers

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What People are Saying about D9 Neighborhood Notes

What People are Saying about D9 Neighborhood Notes

Here’s what some people are saying about D9 Neighborhood notes. Look for our responses in the next issue!

(Note: responses have been edited for grammar and punctuation.)

“Let me provide a few thoughts:
1. We in District 9 voted for a more progressive candidate to halt the far right agenda and get the City back on track.
2. We need to keep religion out of our government. Calling it family values is demeaning to the term. Families are important when we are all inclusive.
3. We need to get light rail/mass transit back on track before we are completely gridlocked.
4. Ms. Taylor had an integrity problem from the beginning when she stated she wouldn’t run if the Council selected her to fill the vacant mayor position. She never recovered from that mistake. Her inappropriate meddling the riverboat contract sealed her fate in my book.
5. If you want to have a political future on the north side, you need to abandon a right wing outlook and be a more progressive thinker. That’s where the rest of us are.”


“Stop blaming the candidates. If the voters don’t care enough to vote then it doesn’t matter who the candidates are or what they believe and support. Not voting also makes a statement: “I don’t care enough to make the effort.” If it isn’t important to the constituents then it isn’t important to me. “


“You talk like a typical Trump and Republican politician. We don’t need you or your racist views. Goodbye”


“So glad that Nirenberg won. Perhaps we will eventually get rid of those “social conservatives,” stop being greedy, start being aware of the rights of others, and remember that the constitution says that there should be a separation of church and state.”


“Please define “Christian businesses”.  Are you consciously not including businesses owned by people who observe other religions or do not observe a specific religion? I expect a response from you, my elected representative.”


“Your email didn’t seem very Christian to me”


“You are not in line with mine or the majority of San Antonio’s views. Change or be left behind.. I am a 66 year old, successful white business man who does support Trump or his agenda and want to protect the environment and human rights from being overrun by the elitist.”


“Most people did not make the effort to get out and vote. I hope we won’t all pay the price for it.”


“PLEASE remove me from your email list.  The Taylor campaign, with it’s negativity and smear tactics was a reminder of the toxic campaign led by those supporting the Trump and the “conservative values”.  We, for instance, had enough of the rhetoric and divisiveness and voted for Ron Nierenberg–whom we knew over 16 years ago as a neighbor and to whose campaign we contributed.

We voted for Mr. Courage for District 9.  Over the past few years we had contacted Mr. Krier with concerns which he, apparently, didn’t feel we were worthy of his concerns as all it got us was a rather rude few phone calls from one of his office staff. So, when he supported Marco, we decided Marco was not right for us.

This email is insulting and an attempt to undermine what the PEOPLE of San Antonio freely chose to do by electing those new Council Members and Mayor. I realize the “christian conservatives” don’t really like the freedoms our Constitution grants us but that’s what many have fought to defend. I’m a lifelong Catholic and I’m glad my church doesn’t tell me who to vote for.”


Courage proposes plan for $39 million in new revenue

Courage proposes plan for $39 million in new revenue

“The freshman District 9 councilman recently circulated an informal, single-sheet memo to his colleagues, suggesting three initiatives that he believes can generate more than $39 million of additional city revenue for streets, public transportation and public safety. True to his progressive roots, Courage also says he would be willing to give up part of his district’s infrastructure funding so that older, crumbling streets on the South Side could get extra attention.

The part of Courage’s revenue-enhancement proposal likely to stir the most controversy is his suggestion that San Antonio Water System bump up its annual revenue contribution to the city coffers by nearly 50 percent. Currently, SAWS contributes 2.7 percent of its gross revenues to the city. Courage would like to bring that contribution up to 4 percent of SAWS gross revenues, figuring that would generate an additional $8.1 million for the city.

“This may seem like a pretty big increase,” Courage said, “but SAWS is a $6 billion entity and they really are looking pretty good. I’ve looked through their books and it seems to me that they can afford to make a better contribution to the city.””

To read the full article on Express News, click here.

Public Schools: Does the Law Matter?

Public Schools: Does the Law Matter?

Last week Melissa Beckett, a North East ISD Parent, presented at the last hearing in her grievance process that started months ago. A process that might make you wonder: “Does the law matter?”

In early May 2016 Melissa learned that the North East ISD Board of Trustees would be voting on whether or not to adopt a new middle school human sexuality curriculum at their regularly scheduled Board Meeting on May 9, 2016. She was interested because she has two boys who would be affected. Melissa attended the Meeting along with dozens of other interested parents.

After hearing the presentation of the curriculum “Draw The Line, Respect The Line” by district employees, parent concerns, and the Board Members’ final vote adopting the curriculum beginning Fall 2016, Melissa’s interest turned to concern. Not only did the curriculum seem different from local community values, but most importantly the curriculum did not appear to meet the Texas Education Code §28.004 (e).

The Texas Education Code §28.004 (e), passed into law by our Texas Legislature in 1995, was drafted and adopted to ensure that Texas Public School districts not only mention abstinence education in their human sexuality curriculum, but STRESS abstinence. If the district chooses to teach human sexuality, which the law maintains is an option not a requirement, 5 specific content requirements MUST be met that address stressing abstinence.

Melissa studied the newly selected curriculum “Draw The Line, Respect The Line” and compared it to the Texas Education Code §28.004. Melissa concluded that the curriculum did not conform to the Texas Education Code, specifically §28.004 (e).

Melissa was surprised that North East ISD adopted a curriculum that did not conform to the law. She assumed she might have missed something of importance so she met with the North East ISD Superintendent, Dr. Gottardy and some of his senior staff on December 13, 2016. At this meeting, Melissa was assured that the district took the law seriously and that “Draw the Line, Respect the Line” did conform to the Texas Education Code.

Melissa provided the district with her analysis, based on factual information from the curriculum and the Texas Education Code, as well as her conclusion that the curriculum did not conform to the law. Melissa asked that the district review her analysis and please inform her as to what she had missed? Which of the 14 “Draw The Line, Respect The Line” lessons met the law? Melissa also expressed her intent to continue to educate parents regarding the details of the curriculum and her analysis.

Absent any follow-up from the district, Melissa felt it imperative that she educate North East ISD parents on what she had learned. The need was urgent as the curriculum was already being taught in some NEISD schools/grades and the rest of the middle school students would receive the curriculum during Spring Semester 2017. On January 23, 2017, the day before Melissa was scheduled to present her findings concerning the curriculum to a local church, she received a certified letter from North East ISD.

The contents of the letter not only professed the District’s adherence to the Texas Education Code and it’s contention to defend itself vigorously to any claim stating otherwise, the letter also violated Melissa’s first amendment rights of free speech in an effort to halt her presentation or pressure her to omit sections of her presentation. The District sent a copy of the same to the local church. Melissa’s presentation did go on after she and the local church received confirmation from an attorney that she could move forward with the presentation and had a First Amendment right to express her opinion/analysis. Although the letter was alarming, Melissa did not allow the letter from the district to stop her quest to educate parents and she continues to do so today.

Of further concern, in January 2017 North East ISD’s SHAC (Student Health Advisory Council) abruptly stopped holding open meetings when they received push back on “Draw the Line, Respect the Line.” The SHAC is the committee that proposed “Draw the Line, Respect the Line” to the district. In addition, the current SHAC meeting minutes were no longer available online for public review. This is important because the purpose of the SHAC is to ensure that local community values are reflected in our public school districts. See Texas Education Code §28.004. Can local community values be reflected if these meetings are not open for concerned parents and community members and meeting minutes are not promptly posted for easy access and review?

In February 2017 Melissa filed a Grievance with North East ISD alleging that “Draw The Line, Respect The Line” did not meet the requirements of Texas Education Code §28.004 (e) and should not be offered in our schools. Until Melissa received the District’s certified letter in violation of her First Amendment rights, she believed she was partnering with NEISD as described in the Texas Education Code Chapter 26 Parental Rights and Responsibilities. Upon receipt of the certified letter on January 23, 2017, it became very apparent that the District was taking an aggressive adversarial stance opposed to her viewpoint, opinion, research, analysis and request for reconsideration.

Ultimately Melissa filed all Four Grievance Levels allowed by North East ISD. Employees of the district reviewed Melissa’s claims and her requested remedies and all were denied at all levels.

Melissa’s major claims and requested remedies are as follows:

1. The letter I received from the District on January 23, 2017 is a violation of my rights to freedom of speech and assembly under the United States Constitution, First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Level 4 response: No court has found the curriculum violates the law, which forced the district to write the letter to Ms. Beckett; Ms. Beckett admits she moved forward with the presentation, she has suffered no harm.

2. “Draw The Line, Respect The Line” curriculum instruction in our middle schools should be halted immediately, and the District should return to the previously approved and taught curriculum, “Choosing The Best” (“Choosing The Best” meets Texas Education Code §28.004 (e).

Level 4 response: Other districts are using “Draw The Line, Respect The Line.” No state or federal court or administrative agency or any other governmental advising body has said that “Draw The Line, Respect The Line” somehow violates the relevant provisions of the Texas Education Code. We feel strongly “Draw The Line, Respect The Line” presents abstinence in the way the law requires.

3. The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act. See Tex. Atty Gen. Op. Nos. H-467 (1974) at 3–4, H-438 (1974) at 3.

Level 4 response: The District is creating a new website that will be available the end of June. At this time we are doing our 2nd big review. We have decided “Draw The Line, Respect The Line” is again meeting our needs. SHAC meetings are not covered by the open meetings act, SHAC is not a policy making body, only an advisory committee. The Board is a policy making body. (Although, the Board has adopted every SHAC recommendation in Melissa’s review of meetings since 2011.)

Does the Law matter? The district admits sending a letter in violation of Melissa’s first amendment, but justifies its actions because it finds no harm. The district has closed SHAC meetings that should legally reflect local community values and be parent led. The district continues to find that “Draw the Line, Respect the Line” is good for students behind closed doors. The district defends their choice of “Draw the Line, Respect the Line”, although the curriculum fails to conform to the law.

What can you do?
1. Let us know if you have received any letter from North East ISD in violation of your First Amendment.
2. Volunteer to be a voting member on the SHAC in your school district.
3. Review “Draw the Line, Respect the Line” at North East ISD and evaluate whether you believe the curriculum conforms to the law. If you don’t think it does, take action by becoming a SHAC member, opt your student out, communicate your evaluation to the district and the Board.
4. If you’re not in North East ISD, find out what your district is teaching.


Ethics Review Board Considering Changes to Campaign Finance Code

Ethics Review Board Considering Changes to Campaign Finance Code

The City’s Ethics Review Board met on Tuesday, July 10, to consider several changes to the Campaign Finance Code. Among the considerations being discussed are revisions that expand the prohibition on those who are seeking a city contract to include affiliated subcontractors. Councilman John Courage also proposed that the city require candidates to file the title and employer’s name for every donor, a suggestion that was questioned by some other members of the board.
A series of proposed revisions to the city’s ethics code were also discussed including eliminating the need for ethics complaints to funnel to the City Clerk’s office and City Auditor’s office before being forwarded to the review board.
For our part, any effort to increase the transparency and efficacy of the review board would be a great move forward.

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