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NINE members of the Holcombe family died in the shooting

NINE members of the Holcombe family died in the shooting

The youngest victim of the Sutherland Springs massacre was not 1 year old Noah Holcombe, as the media would have you believe. In reality, the unborn baby of Crystal and John Holcombe was the youngest victim. Crystal was eight months pregnant when she, her unborn baby, and three of her other children were killed.

Authorities have included the unborn child in the death toll of 26, and there is no doubt that all the news talk about about the Crystal being pregnant, but the media persists in reporting that the Holcombe family lost 8 members, when they really lost 9.

From The NY Times:

“One minute they were a family praying and the next – eight of them were gone.
Bryan and Karla Holcombe, a guest preacher and his wife, were dead.
Their son Marc Daniel Holcombe, gone. Their pregnant daughter-in-law, Crystal Holcombe, gone.
And four of their grandchildren — Noah, Emily, Megan and Greg — gone.”

The media trying it’s hardest to obscure the truth of the issue and deny the personhood of the Holcombe baby.

From CNN:

“Eight members of the Holcombe family died in the shooting, as well as an unborn child. . . Authorities have included Crystal Holcombe’s unborn child in the death toll of 26.”

From ABC News:
Crystal Holcombe, the wife of John Holcombe, who is the son of Bryan and Karla Holcombe, also died. Crystal Holcombe — a mother of five — was eight months pregnant, her cousin said, according to The Associated Press. Three of her children, Emily, Megan and Greg, died with her. Her unborn child was also counted in the death toll, authorities said.”
NINE members of the Holcombe family were murdered. FOUR of those were children of John and Crystal Holcombe.
This article from The Blaze acknowledges all the losses the family suffered: Elderly couple lose nine family members in the Texas shooting and offer powerful response.
Why is it so hard for the other news outlets to report the numbers accurately?
City Manager Sheryl Sculley ‘outraged’ after SAPD SVU fails to properly investigate 130+ cases

City Manager Sheryl Sculley ‘outraged’ after SAPD SVU fails to properly investigate 130+ cases

City Manager Sheryl Sculley, who is known for her disregard for proper procedure, is  ‘outraged’ that the SAPD SVU failed to properly investigate 130+ cases.

Detective Kenneth Valdez was terminated by Police Chief William McManus for failing to thoroughly investigate the Special Victims Unit cases with which he was entrusted.

Sculley stated “There simply is no excuse for such improper behavior.” She claims that in the past decade, she and McManus have made policy changes within the department to help improve the investigating and prosecution of these types of crimes.

Who is really to blame here? McManus said the cases were mishandled in a “number of ways,” though he believes the errors were due to negligence and were not intended to be malicious.

City manager Cheryl Sculley should be held accountable for failing to properly oversee this Department. 

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Plaintiff Discusses Suing City Over Confederate Monument Removal

Plaintiff Discusses Suing City Over Confederate Monument Removal

It’s crucial that the City’s processes are followed properly, not politically expedited due to emotions or ideologies. The later usually violates someone’s rights and/or property. And, a resulting law suit costs the City and therefore the tax payers more of their hard earned dollars that could otherwise be spent on street repair and public safety.

The SA Mayor, District 9 Councilman John Courage, and all the other Councilman except District 10 Clayton Perry, should apologize to the citizens for breaking the process and resolve to not let happen again. Councilman Clayton Perry, District 10 was the only rational vote as he called for a more robust public input.

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Charter Review Commission Meeting 10/18/17

Charter Review Commission Meeting 10/18/17

Jeff Webster, Chairman of the Charter Review Commission, gave a presentation to the Governance Committee on 10/18/17. Webster talked about citizen input and presented a plan, whereby, there will be two more meetings for citizen input and a projected date of January for a report to be submitted for City Council. City Council will decide, if, when and what items will be on the ballot.

A brief overview of the process and changes submitted to the Commission Charter are on the HTA Agenda for the Fall Meeting (see ). We have an opportunity to change the Charter without having to get 20,000 signatures . . . it is important for citizens to get involved.

At the prior Charter Review Commission Meetings :

SAFA (Patrick Van Dohlen) and Stan Mitchell (SAMBA) submitted important changes that would force the City to divulge total cost of Bonds, (cost of capital is currently not available to citizens at the time of a Bond Election). Bob Martin represented HTA on this item and spoke against extending Terms for Councilmembers.  Plan on longer terms (most likely 4 years) to be included in the next Charter Change election.

Lowering required petition signatures for initiative and referendum was led by Pastor Ripley, Van Dohlen & Knuffke, and Bob Martin (President of HTA).


Texas House Speaker Joe Straus says he will not seek re-election

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus says he will not seek re-election

When people walk away from a job, it can be bittersweet. But in Texas House Speaker Joe Straus’s case, the celebrations have already begun! The moderate Republican, who stood in the way of his party’s push to protect privacy, announced this week that he won’t seek re-election. It was welcome news for the state’s conservatives, who’ve watched with frustration as Straus ridiculed, blocked, and mischaracterized legislation that voters across the state supported.

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