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Candidate filing opens for 2018 elections in Texas

Candidate filing opens for 2018 elections in Texas

“The 2018 election season is officially underway in Texas.

Candidate filing began Saturday for next year’s March 6 primaries, when voters will decide who should serve in a U.S. Senate seat, most of the statewide positions in Texas government, all 36 of the state’s U.S. House seats, 15 of the 31 spots in the Texas Senate and all 150 positions in the Texas House. The filing period lasts through Dec. 11.”

To read more from the Texas Tribune, click here.

Tricentennial Commission CEO Edward Benavides Resigns

Tricentennial Commission CEO Edward Benavides Resigns

After several critical reports outlining questionable business practices and outright failures in the administration of San Antonio’s Tricentennial, CEO Edward Benavides resigned on Monday, citing “the negativity” surrounding the celebration.

Benavides has been under fire recently for how he and former Chief Operating Officer Asia Ciaravino handled an exclusive media partnership with KSAT-TV, as well as contracts with musical entertainment for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration.

Meanwhile, City Manager Sheryl Sculley issued a statement backing Benavides, who was her former chief of staff.

“Edward has been to be a valuable asset to the City of San Antonio, and will be reassigned within the City organization,” she said in a news release. “I’m grateful for the passion and commitment he gave to the Tricentennial effort, and there is no question that the year-long celebration will be a great success and source of pride for our community.”

Is this more evidence of mismanagement and broken processes by our City Manager?

Stop The Goddess Statue Funded By Your Tax Dollars

Stop The Goddess Statue Funded By Your Tax Dollars

Will you sign a letter like this to oppose Bexar County spending $735,000 to build a Goddess Statue in San Pedro Park?

This letter was sent on November 9th by The Justice Foundation to Bexar County Court.

November 9, 2017


RE: Plethora – The Goddess

To The Honorable Judge and County Commissioners of Bexar County Commissioners Court:

The Justice Foundation has discovered through the local media that the County has selected and agreed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a religious monument to a pagan goddess.

The statute “Plethora”, as reported in the local media, is described in its own proposal by the Artist Rodriguez-Gerada “the sculpture is an allegorical representation of an archetypal goddess, evoking an image of ‘a maternal, providing protector who is however venerated and powerful.’ ” The Rivard Report, October 28.

The erection of a statute of a goddess with public funds on public property is a violation of the Establishment of Religion Clause of both the Texas Constitution and the United States Constitution. Therefore, it is an illegal and unconstitutional expenditure of funds. We urge you to immediately rescind or refuse to enter into this illegal contract.

Advancing Life, Liberty and Justice in Him,


Allan E. Parker


The Justice Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization.

The Justice Foundation | 8023 Vantage Drive, Suite 1275 | San Antonio, Texas 78230 | 210-614-7157 |210-614-6656  | fax [email protected] | |


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SA’s Christmas Tree Delivered to Travis Park

SA’s Christmas Tree Delivered to Travis Park

For the first time in 33 years, San Antonio’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony will not be taking place in front of the Alamo. The festive, 55-foot tree has been set up at Travis Park instead — in the spot recently vacated by a Confederate soldier monument. The decision to change locations was made between H-E-B, the city and Centro.
This move sends Christmas to the back seat while the Confederate Monument has been hidden from sight and knowledge of taxpayers at a large price tag.
The Christmas Tree at the Alamo was a seasonal landmark that signified the reason for the upcoming season and founding of the City of St Anthony. Many people proposed  in front of the tree or took family Christmas card photos to send to friends across the globe, which promoted the Alamo City at little cost to the City or taxpayers.

The tree lighting ceremony, which will take place on Friday, Nov. 24, will be the first major public event held at the park since the monument’s removal.

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The Sanitary Sewage Water Stinks…

The Sanitary Sewage Water Stinks…

SAWS has paid the City about $340,000,000 each year for the last several years for reimbursement of infrastructure, e.g. road repair.

But SAWS is responsible for fixing roads after it tears them up to work on the water or sewage systems. SAWS has its own pavement team and contracts with companies to fix roads exactly for this purpose. So why is SAWS paying the City for things SAWS is required to fix??

Moreover, CoSA didn’t need the Consent Decree. If SAWS hadn’t mismanaged our assets, we wouldn’t be paying high price consultants and paying lots in fines. It seems that SAWS wanted the Consent Decree! This creates a crises and seems to justify raising rates “to comply with the EPA’s Consent Decree.”

We could have fixed the sewage system by identifying the Sanitary Sewage Overflows (SSO), replacing old pipe problems, and fixing them as needed, which would be much less expensive than fixing a specified area at a time.

Why the cover up? Tax payers and SAWS customers deserve to know.

Please consider contacting the Mayor and City Council to ask them to use the Exit Clause to STOP Vista Ridge and VOTE NO to a SAWS Rate Increase. 

Nirenberg Still Pushing Light Rail Transportation

Nirenberg Still Pushing Light Rail Transportation

Mayor Ron Nirenberg is pushing light rail transportation once again, even though San Antonio voters blocked light-rail plans in 2000 and 2015.

Relying on rail transportation instead of cars would be like giving up our mobile phones and going back to landlines.

In 1933, San Antonio became the first major city in America to replace its streetcars with buses, which are faster, more flexible, and cheaper to buy and operate. Today, San Antonio is just as smart to remain one of the nation’s largest urban areas to withstand pressure from a rail lobby that seeks profits over sound transportation. Nevertheless, Nirenberg has strongly supported rail construction on “high density corridors,” though he wants the transit agency to work out the specifics.


SAMHD wants to increase legal smoking age to 21

SAMHD wants to increase legal smoking age to 21

SA Metro Health Department is taking public input before making a recommendation to the City Council to increase the legal age of smoking to 21. Obviously smoking is not healthy but at what point should people be allowed to exercise their free will? Government uses tax dollars to promote lifestyle (good and bad) choices regularly. An 18 year old can fight and die for our country but can’t choose to smoke?

SAMHD should focus on being consistent with their messaging. The Department has promoted sexual intercourse for young ages, even 11-13 year olds, as “healthy” as long as they are using a condom, i.e. promotion of Draw The Line, Respect The Line risk reduction based Sex Ed curriculum to the NEISD, and programs like Wrap City. It would be better for SAMHD to promote risk avoidance in all of these lifestyle choices by common sense persuasion, not mandates for truly healthy lifestyles. 

What are the top 3 issues for you and your community?

What are the top 3 issues for you and your community?

The current results from a survey entitled “What are the top 3 issues for you and your community?” shows that ‘traffic congestion,’ ‘road maintenance’ and ‘public safety are the top issues according to participants. These issues are not only the top survey answers, they are also in line with the purpose of City government.

One of the questions in the survey deals with ‘Better K-12 Education,’ which is not under the purview of City government. It is vital that the City of San Antonio gets back to the basic fundamentals of its Charter and Purpose.

In the next couple of years, the citizens will vote on PreK4SA again.  The City staff of PreK4SA are already making their “lobbying” rounds of City Councilmen and are asking for their support to continue the costly program. Not only is the program expensive, with very long bus rides for 4 year old children, the results are still far from conclusive that there is any long-term educational benefit after the 3rd grade. The national Head Start Program’s own evidence shows that children attending school at four are no better off than children who didn’t by the time their third grade year concludes.

Might 2020 provide an opportunity for the City to stop the program and help the poor in the City have a lower sales tax? The PreK4SA program is funded with ¼ cent sales tax that was promoted by the City Manager, approved by Council and passed by the Voters in the fall of 2012. The SA Express News reported on Sept. 13, 2017 that the Poverty Rate has remained flat. This consumer sales tax savings could assist the poor possibly more than a very expensive PreK4SA program that is not regulated by the Texas State Board of Education and better taught at faith communities that exist much closer to economically challenged residents of San Antonio.

Serve on a City Board or Commission

Serve on a City Board or Commission

There are numerous opportunities to play an active role in local government by serving on a local board or commission. Citizens who are interested in helping promote and defend family values, common sense and independence can submit an application through the City’s website to be considered for openings on boards and commissions. Board and commission appointees serve as community representatives and advisers to both council members and the mayor on specific topics.

Interested citizens may review a complete list of current position vacancies and submit applications here.

Panel: Inclusiveness Matters in the Making of a City

Panel: Inclusiveness Matters in the Making of a City

A panel of urban experts is analyzing ways in which communities can better influence how development proceeds to the benefit of all socioeconomic groups in San Antonio.

“It’s almost like we have to sneak in social goods into the planning [and] technical realities of infrastructure,” said panelist Martin Felsen, a Chicago-based architecture professor.

Another panelist, Christine Drennon, said “We have to wonder who is this for. So often those projects are not for us, they’re for our visitors. They’re for someone who’s coming from the outside, and trying to make them feel happy and safe during their short stay.”

A strange criticism for the development of a city which relies so heavily on tourism.

Maybe the panel should stop pushing their socialist agenda and focus on how to actually improve our city.

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