Alamo Plaza street closures to be debated this spring

Alamo Plaza street closures to be debated this spring

It’s been almost one year since the previous City Council unanimously approved the controversial Alamo Plaza Master Plan aimed at “reimagining” the historic Spanish-colonial mission, now surrounded by vehicular traffic and unrelated tourist attractions, into a place with a sense of “reverence and respect.”

City Council received an update on the redevelopment process last Wednesday, as many of the new Council members did not take office until June 2017, after the master plan was formulated and approved.

The more contentious elements of that estimated $450 million plan – moving the Cenotaph and limiting streets to pedestrian traffic – only received “conceptual approval,” but still enjoy general support from most City Council members. Two councilmen, however, emphasized that “conceptual” doesn’t mean guaranteed, noting that some constituents have reached out to them in hopes of keeping the Cenotaph.

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